4040 Agency

Impact Wrestling

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, or TNA, a professional wrestling promotion company, was founded in 2002 after the 2001 fold of World Championship Wrestling. The company and business has met with success and has expanded into myriad business and media outlets such as video games, a partnership with YouTube, and mobile phone content. TNA fights started airing regularly on SpikeTV in 2005 and became a Spike property soon after.

TNA Wrestling had the largest audience in Spike’s programming slate but very little marketing and advertising. The Spike network challenged Forty Forty to create some meaning around the TNA wrestling brand that can help TNA get out from under the larger shadow of WWE Wrestling.

Our solution was a new name, a new brand line and a reason for the fans to reengage with wrestling. Although the outcome of the matches is predetermined, we realized that professional wrestling is still very real to the wrestlers and their fans which led to the core essence: Wrestling Matters.

Whether as an escape, as an entertainment option or as a spectator sport, wrestling matters to the wrestlers and their core group of fans.