We create big ideas and transform them into extraordinary experiences through strategic thinking and award-winning design.

Our secret weapon? We understand the value of community and shared experience. With our team of strategists, writers, brand experts, and experience designers, we know how to create connections between our clients and their audiences. Connections between brands and their consumers; organizations and their employees; and teams and their fans.

Why we do it.

A better way forward

We are committed to being an agency where listening, questioning, challenging and collaborating all result in creating a better way forward for our clients – and for us.

Clever passionate people

Our team of smart, talented – and seasoned – pros are in this biz because we all love what we do.

The joy of meaningful work

Being passionate about our work means we always strive to always deliver our very best.

Striving for positive impact

Being passionate also means wanting to work on brands that are good for our world and our lives.

Partnering with good people

We're committed to working with companies and people that we like; people we'd like to have a beer with. Life’s too short to do otherwise.

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What we do


We audit, search, dig, review, read, study, think, discuss and ask to learn all we can about your company, your brand, your market and your audiences. Sometimes we even do research.

Our deliverables include documenting our discovery and highlighting the key insights.

Brand Identity

We create identities that are of course stunningly beautiful. But beauty is not skin deep. Our designs also solve challenges and suggest meanings and create a story. Our designs help define and express the brand's story. Our designs make people stop and take note.

Our deliverables include visual identities, identity systems, look & feel systems and brand identity guidelines.

Digital & Social Campaigns

We create powerful digital experiences for our clients leveraging the most current platforms and creating a variety of expressions of the brand.

Our deliverables often include content strategy, social campaigns, digital ad campaigns, and experiences.

Seasonal Message and Visual Language for Teams

A team’s seasonal message and look needs to reach the desired audience and reflect the team's brand. 4040’s process and approach will ensure that the brand and message is relevant to fans, unique to the team and season, and controlled internally.

4040 is an experienced Clio sports award winning agency that is uniquely positioned to create seasonal messages and graphic packages that makes team's communications and messaging memorable and easy to implement.

Strategy / Brand Positioning

Our strategy offering is rigorous. But we also tailor it to meet your precise needs. We continue reading, studying, discussing and debating, as we work to arrive at the secret sauce – the simple yet powerful key to unlocking and defining your brand truth.

Our deliverables may include brand manifesto, brand line, brand attributes, etc.

Our deliverables can also include brand & portfolio architectures, naming, messaging and even robust launch & executional strategies. Like we said, we will provide just what we need to solve your strategic challenges,

Environmental Design

Once the brand identity is defined, we can extend it to physical spaces in bold, creative and unexpected ways, created branded physical and spatial experiences that come alive and make people take notice. Our environments, both interior and exterior, can be found in sports arenas, retail environments, concert venues, and restaurants. We often work in partnership with architects to make the spaces sing.

Our deliverables may include environmental look & feel systems, signing systems, artwork, retail design, design tool kits, technical design drawings and installation management.

Packaging Design

We understand packaging – its role, its requirements and what is needed to bring it to life. We create packaging designs and systems that look great and do the job they are meant to do... Sell! We can develop designs for a few SKUS as well as complex multiple tier systems.

Our deliverables often include packaging designs, packaging systems, production files and packaging guidelines.

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Who we are.

John Trotter


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Bill Larsen

Brand Strategy
Head of Client Engagement

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Mary Tesluk

Creative Director

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Alex Larsen

Senior Designer
Art Director

Kevin Fitzsimons

Production Designer

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Justin Koerner

Brand Manager

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Greg Martin

Senior Production Designer

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David Eichhorn


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Francine Kalbfield

Senior Environmental Designer

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Anna Stewart

Administrative Assistant