Bay 13 Restaurant and Fish Market

Bay 13 Restaurant and Fish Market

13 is lucky in China, and in Portland.

When Moana Hotel and Restaurant Group conceived their newest venture, Bay 13 Restaurant and Fish Market, they looked to 4040 to give the brand meaning and a voice. Located in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District, Bay 13 boasts a modern aesthetic with a sustainable and progressive menu. The restaurant reinterprets its factory-room heritage by employing large expanses of open space with self-contained dining experiences interspersed throughout. It’s this industrial aesthetic that lends such a unique narrative to the Bay 13 story.

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We helped to articulate the story by creating a brand that takes cues from the industrial and modern architecture of the restaurant and combines them with a message of sustainability. Our development of 13 inspired facts established a sustainable brand voice that propels Bay 13 towards a unique and meaningful dining experience.

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