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Keen Footwear


Creating relevance to the brand that goes beyond the product.

KEEN is more than an outdoor company. They are a company with a conscience, by making a positive difference, giving back to the greater community and caring for the environment which we all share and depend on. KEEN believes in the power of a brand to inspire others to create positive change in the world we live in. This belief is reflected in the positioning we created HybridLife.

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KEEN is a company guided by their values, committed to making conscientious decisions that benefit the world we live in and which sustain the community around us. Our multi-year engagement with KEEN began with the establishment of these values and the creation of their positioning, HybridLife.

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The 4040 team extended this positioning across all consumer impressions, from advertising to digital, to packaging. When all other outdoor brands were preoccupied with the “top of the mountain” positioning, we helped KEEN become an exemplary example of a new type of outdoor brand – an inclusive community of fans that are balancing the things in life that matter most.

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