Know Alzheimers

Know Alzheimers

Know Means No

Changing perceptions of a disease that will affect everyone.

How do you create hope for someone who knows first-hand the gravity of Alzheimer’s or for an even larger segment of people who don’t think it’s relevant? There is a widespread belief that Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease and most efforts have been in the care of the disease, not the cure. Since it primarily affects people in their 60s+, younger generations aren’t involved and do not see finding a cure as a priority.

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Tired of Big Pharma’s status quo of focusing big dollars on therapies and drugs to care for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s, our client turned to the researchers at the Buck Institute, who are confident that they are close to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Forty Forty established a brand platform for the Foundation and created a bold awareness campaign to connect with younger audience. Our strategy embraced viral marketing and education, intended to change the conversation from futility to one of promise and hope.

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By spreading the word and educating people on the research advances being made our client’s goal is to empower people to participate in defining their own futures and change the conversation from one that does not exist or is fatalistic to one filled with promise and hope.

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