NFL Players Association

NFL Players Association

Real Players

Establishing authenticity by telling the players' real stories.

When Forty Forty launched the new NFL PLAYERS brand and positioning to both consumer and business audiences, we understood the value of owning ‘Player Authenticity.’ This would serve to both differentiate from the NFL itself and establish an access point for increased consumer attachment to the brand.

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The authenticity and emotion of the players were introduced through the brand line ‘Real Passion. Real Personality. Real Players,’ and subsequently strengthened by editing back to the singular attribute of ‘REAL.’ The integration of this form of authenticity is the ultimate seal of credibility across all lines of business.

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Advertising drawn from ‘off-the-field’ stories makes the brand come alive in consumers’ imaginations. Our integrated marketing helped break new ground by bringing the client’s greatest asset to the forefront and delivering the passion of the players that truly sets the brand apart.

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  • What We Did:
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Manifesto
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Language
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Photo Shoot Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
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