Rumble Club

Rumble Club

Here For You.

An Oklahoma Cannabis Company That Puts "U" First.

When the folks at Modern Cannabis contacted 4040, they wanted to help create a new cannabis brand in Oklahoma that would put them on the map. Their natural and organic products, their aggressive approach to tackling the crowded Oklahoma market, and their willingness to create a true partnership, made this engagement a natural one for 4040. And being fans of the category, we jumped at the chance. As an organization, they're committed to delivering the types of quality, yet affordable, products their deserving and diverse community wants.

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The strategic positioning "Here For You," underscores the brand's commitment to their customers in a simple and frank manner.

Working from this bold, simple premise, 4040 developed an intentional and firmly grounded brand for this new Oklahoma enterprise. Our work includes brand positioning, brand name, brand look & feel, packaging systems and pretty much whatever else they needed to help make this brand a splash in the crowded Oklahoma cannabis market.

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Being rooted in Oklahoma, they needed the perfect name that had true meaning to Oklahomans, while also fitting in and standing out. The new name we developed "Rumble Club" defines their spirit of being both disruptive to the category and inclusive of their community. It's a perfect name, because these guys are not afraid to go to the mat for their customers. And for Oklahomans, the name also suggests the roaring sound of thunder-booming storms that roll across the Oklahoma skies.

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Their new identity system centers around a word mark that features an array of distinct "U"s – representing the many "yous" that make up their diverse community – and focus of the brand.

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With their innovative and expansive product assortment in mind, 4040 developed a clever and flexible packaging system designed to be eye catching, functional and cost effective. Working directly with suppliers from all over the globe, we created innovative solutions intended to have the products pop off the crowded Oklahoma dispensary shelves. We also developed a naming system for their unique product lines intended to help customers understand the products and their benefits.

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  • What We Did
  • Brand Positioning
  • Product Naming
  • Visual Identity System
  • Packaging System
  • Website Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Apparel and Merchandise
  • Brand Guidelines
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As with most of our programs, we developed a comprehensive and purposeful set of brand guidelines to define the brand and guide future work.

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