Washington Nationals - 2019 Campaign

Washington Nationals - 2019 Campaign

World Series Champions

Creating a campaign that led to a World Series win. Coincidence?

For their 2019 season, the Nationals re-engaged 4040 to create a seasonal visual language that would go on to define a world series-winning season. The Nationals had tabled our Natitude rallying cry for the client generated "Your Place For …”. The line centers around the ballpark as your place to go for all things baseball. Our assignment was to give the team a visual language that reflected both the tagline and was inclusive of the fans, players and experience of going to the ballpark.

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With striking headlines and larger-than-life images of players, fans and even mascots bursting out from their environment, this campaign, featured everywhere throughout the season, created a vibe of unlimited possibilities. That year, the Nationals defeated the Houston Astros and brought DC a World Series championship for the first time. Coincidence? We think not.

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  • What We Did
  • Seasonal Campaign Concept
  • Seasonal Campaign Visual Language
  • Campaign Tool Kit
  • Campaign Style Guide
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Campaign Style Guide cover

As we often do, we developed a comprehensive campaign style guide to define the development of this campaign as it comes to life.